Well, after all it was only “An infinitely small point of pure energy”, when they first collided. Then over a course of millions of years, begins the formation of galaxies and emerging stars. Planets are moving at the speed of light. Distance travelled. All those places they got found. So close but yet so far, up till the elements of life were formed, at very high pressures and temperatures, in the cores of the stars. Spinning out in space yet, allowing the atoms to move into those patterns. “Added plane to plane in an awed and perfect obedience to an absolute geometry.” Hence the arrival of rocks and planets. The crystalline world. Beings at the beginning of creation, “the story of crystals is indeed the story of the creation of the universe.” Forming, reforming, shape shifting, while memorising the verses of our world’s evolution. Now until the dawn of history, “Crystals have been regarded as belonging to heavens, as gifts from the spirit worlds.” Their colour and beauty as well as their magical properties have set them apart from everything else on earth. They are the most perfect arrangements of matter. Made by the very same chemical elements appear throughout the whole of the universe. “Windows of light with many facets which show the myriad dimensions of life created from cosmic dust in an ever expanding universe.” Crystalline as rays of light direct from heaven. “And whenever the life of God is in the hearts of men, it will flow out to others in love and blessing.” As the storehouse of powerful energies. Power to protect, to enhance, to give strength and tell the truth.



To take you up, take you higher, to uplift. A true friend of light. Wonderful plays of colour. Sparks will fly. Electricity will flow. Crystal waves through your brain. Pouring Rays on our Soul. Taken by dreams. Gone to another place. Traveling the past or the future. Feeling the change. You Inspire emotionally, physically and every little way needed. In search of sunrise. Soaring into moonlight. Laying out in the sunlight or running into a dark night. Swimming in “Golden Rays” or discovering one of the stars above. To be sensitive with your nerves, your eyes, your body, your ears, your voice, as “Intelligence Comes With Sensitivity And Observation.” Dream in ice cream colours, find your missing piece. Take a ride to the end of the line, do something that’s never been done. “High Up On A Hill The Rest Submit To Sleep.” Freedom and Poetry. “The music is mysterious, taking in that frequency, bringing together you and me.” To play the game of life more like an artist, creating harmony. To share joy, only brings more joy. Limitless, eternal, life giving joy. Then you know it’s worth it that you find your heart. Here you are taken with the possibilities. Presented with an amazing collection of exceptional creations from all around the world, and far away destinations for everyone with their favourites, looking for the special one. What remains is your choice. “The Heart Speaks In Whispers, You’ve Got To Listen”, and you will know. For what it’s worth, unique gifts to enjoy a truly magical one. So we may all come to treasure our friendship. “The Sky Is All Crystal” welcome to AZWELL