In ancient times it was “The Magic Armour” for life, after death. The very stone used to protect the dead on their journey to the after-life. Trust your gut, be spontaneous. “Let the heat of the sun reignite your memory.” Embrace all that happy tunes. Carnelian is full of vitality and life force. Stone of one love. One of the most useful stones to be warm and joyous again. Stimulating hope. It increases personal power and physical energy. It is healing, encouraging and creative. A Youthful Sensation.

8mm Carnelian Stones | 925 Sterling Silver | Stretch Bracelet

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Playing the game of life.“Orange is the happiest colour.” Orange stones can be effective to repair the body. It brings spontaneity and links well to creative energy of the sacral. It is vibrant.


All we need is a spark.


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