Lapis Lazuli


The blue never lie. “Lazhuward” resonates with the vibration of truth. It is a stone before time. Reality versus illusion. The stone of royalty since antiquity, and over thousands of years, It has been praised by so many before us. A journey back into your soul’s history. It looks like a gateway to heaven. A creative source. Elements of air and water working together. It inspires confidence. Deeply peaceful. It truly represents the starry night. In Dream Work. A voice to say just the right thing. lets stand in a place of authority with true integrity.

8mm Lapis Lazuli Stones | Gold Plated Silver | Stretch Bracelet

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Mysterious infinite depth, reflects the timeless quality of indigo light, and its inward flow and instant understanding., Mystical borderland of wisdom. The colour of the midnight sky., Symbolising the bridge between the finite and infinite.


In Truth.


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