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Stone of metamorphosis. Gemstone of virtue. This is the legendary purifier. Amethyst is one such gemstone. A grand member of the quartz crystal family  is a first choice of many metaphysicians. With a capacity to ‘signal’ you, to helps you see what is ‘out of place’. A crystal of protection. Empowers to face the life difficulty. Powerful Violet Flame help you to hear your own ‘inner voice’. Like all quartz, it is piezo electric, emitting a flow of electrons. “From passion and from care kept free, Shall Pisces’ children ever be, Who wear so all the world may see, The Amethyst.”

8mmAmethyst Stones | 925 Sterling Silver | Stretch Bracelet

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Colour of insight, spirituality and transformation. “lifting” can be quite noticeable here, so use your imagination to it’s fullest. Point for the infinite, magic and mystery as well as wealth., Gorgeous violet sparkles has its magical qualities., This lavender stone is linked with mysticism and purification.


The Majesty of Violet.


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