Goddess of the sky “drops stars on the earth in the form of green stones”. Then and Now, Malachite is a stone of transformation, round and round, like it is always moving. Magical significance and Spiritual evolution within its swirling patterns. Velvet green horizons. Circles of creation. Tenderness of a woman. Malachite is tremendously attractive to look at, to remember the strong connection to Mother Earth. It symbolises self care, emotional clarity and friendship. Malachite is connected to Venus “Goddess Of Love”. It looks like a divine stone, with an evergreen pulse.

10mm Malachite Stones | Gold Plated Silver | Stretch Bracelet

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”Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”, Awakening. The power of nature. Ambassador of peace. The energy of expansion, renewal and growth. This green love encourages loyalty and brings a sense of harmony. A Healed Heart.


New Life.


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