Rainbow Fluorite


“The Genius Stone”. It is wonderful. Colourful. Like a child, it’s the home of the rainbows, magic and butterflies. Bands of imagination runs through it. A truthfully, peaceful “Fluorite” flows with free thinking. “Fly away, to the rainbow in the sky, Gold is at the end for each of us to find.” Fluorite may purifies your vision and everything around it, and surprisingly strengthens your mystic sight for a truth. It is protective on a psychic level and extremely effective against electromagnetic stress. Helps one to understand and maintain ideals and perfection.

10mm Rainbow Fluorite Stones | 925 Sterling Silver | Stretch Bracelet

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Its green promotes self-love, bringing new ideas. Its purple strengthens mystical insight, “Clairvoyance”, and Vision. Clear and Blue and, as such, it blends all of the properties of each colour.


I had a dream the other night where I could see my name in lights.


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