Abundance. Intelligence. Citrine is a solar. Holding the energy of the sun. All the warmth, joy, and shining along the way. Now Yellow variety of crystalline quartz with bright energy. Citrine is the one who plays, obliging others to learn despite their bitter resistance. Open yourself to the upper vibrations. This stone stimulates both the mental and spiritual body. It provides happiness, courage and active thinking as well. Be lustrous, cheerful; Generous, and Good luck! into the Loving Light of the Universe.

10mm Citrine Stones | 925 Sterling Silver | Stretch Bracelet

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Yellow Emperor. A Gemini. Yellow ray brings us the power of enlightenment. “colour how lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun.”, Young At Heart, With its refreshing lemon yellow colour, lighting up the landscape of our search for knowledge. “here I am”.


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